Different Types of Tow Trucks

Is the Flatbed Towing Vehicle the Best Option for Towing a Car?

Cars can break down when you least expect it. Whether they do it on the road, in your garage, or io a parking lot, at one point you may need to call a towing service in order to have a professional bring your vehicle to an auto repair service. professional and fast tow trucks in Sacramento, CAYou should know that there are three types of vehicles that are designed for towing. Each one offers a specific set of benefits. You just need to determine which one is the best for you.

Flatbed towing vehicles

Like the name tells, a flatbed towing vehicle is a vehicle that features a flat platform where your car will be transported. This platform inclines and slides down until it reaches the ground. A cable is hooked to your car which will pull the vehicle up on the platform. The platform will then go back to its initial position, which is flat on the vehicle. Flatbed towing is one of the safest way to tow a car.

Hook & Chain tow trucks

Basically, your car is hooked to the tow truck with a set of chains and then pulled to the final destination. Since two of the four wheels will be on the ground, your car needs to be in a certain condition to be suitable for hook and chain towing.

Wheel-Lift tow truck

This tow truck is equipped with a crane that basically lifts up the entire vehicle and lays on the back of the truck. This option is suitable for cars that have been involved in accidents that have made them unable to drive.

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